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4 Tips to Help Dog's Adjust to More Alone Time

If Your Dog's About to Get More "Me" Time, Read On . . .

As summer begins to wind down and school starts to ramp up, dogs can sometimes not the attention they crave (and need). School, sports, and schedules are now taking the place of leisurely summer strolls, camping trips, and water play.

There are easy ways to keep dogs busy so they don't feel alone while schedules shift and time becomes more limited.

So if you want to get rid of guilt, say goodbye to sad puppy eyes staring out the window at you, we've got just the things.


TIP ONE: Entertain 'em with Toppl
Toppl Enrichment Puzzle Toy
Dogs need a toys to continually challenge them as they grow and become savvier.  Toppl® to the rescue. Toppl is available in two sizes that connect to change up the challenge. Simply connect the small and large toys together.

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TIP 2: Get 'em to snack slower 

Does your dog eat so fast you barely have time to brush your teeth, let alone get out the door? Pet owners looking for toys that prolong play, and snack time, meet Qwizl®. This durable and challenging pet toy extends the life of expensive dog treats, like bully sticks and dental chews.

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TIP 3: Twist the Tizzi to Treat 'em to Food, Fun, and Games

If your dog is not an incredibly tough chewer and but loves his treat toys, stuff Tizzi’s compartment full of dog's favorite treats and twist the handles to keep dogs busy working to get the treats out so you can get to work.
After they’ve figured out how to dig out their dinner, and you've eaten yours, toss it in the air for a fun game of fetch. The aerodynamic shape makes it fly further than typical treat toys and is terrific for tug-o-war. 
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TIP 4: Is your dog a Tough chewer? Meet Tux® - a mighty treat toy specifically built for heavy chewers.  Some pet parents say it’s “so tough it practically has muscles”. We don’t disagree. Shop Tux® Simply put chicken broth inside it's cavity and freeze. Take out the next morning before you all get on your merry way and notice how your pup is so busy he doesn't whine at the door.

Goodbye guilt!