Choosing the Best Treat Toy for Your Dog.

It can be puzzling, can't it?

We all want to do right by our dogs. Whether it's feeding them the right food for their diet or providing them with safe toys to play with, dogs deserve safe and fun toys. Just like humans, dogs need their brains to be occupied (so we all stay out of trouble). Engaging your dog's brain was one of the reasons the designers at West Paw created this assortment of puzzle treat toys for dogs. So if you're looking to find a solution to any of the problems below, we've got just the toy for the job.

I work long days, how do I keep my dog busy while I'm away?

Toppl is the top treat toy for this job. Customizable Toppl comes in two interlocking sizes so you can change up the challenge. So, if your dog needs to stay occupied for a long time, twist a large and a small Toppl together and stand back, your dog is about to have his work cut out for him.

Stack small Toppl (sold separately) on top of a treat-stuffed large Toppl.

Push once, combining the two Toppls into an ultra-fun treat puzzle.

For more of a challenge, twist Toppl and lock it in place.

My dog loves bully sticks but gobbles them up in seconds (and they're expensive!). How do I make them last longer?

Qwizl to the rescue. Qwizl's unique design allows the ends of treats to stick enticingly out, while its flexible inner ridges hold snacks in place and the side openings give a hint of the goodness inside.

What can you put inside Qwizl™?

Try bully sticks, dental chews, nut butters, string beans, kibble, jerky, cheese chunks, smashed banana, dog biscuits, and more. Be creative!

Why Does qwizl look this way?

Qwizl’s central hole allows the ends of treats to stick enticingly out, while its flexible inner ridges hold snacks in place and the side openings give a hint of the goodness inside. Designed for optimal durability, its shape invites chewing, tossing, and fetching.

Where Can qwizl Go?

Qwizl goes indoors, outdoors, in the water, and–when it’s time for an easy clean up–in the dishwasher!

My dog can chew up anything, what's your best toy for a super chewer?

Tux is the toughest treat toy we make. Designed to stand up to serious chew sessions, Tux is one of the most durable chew toys we make, heck, some even call it indestructible. Tuck treats inside, or fill with chicken broth and freeze, Tux is one tough chew toy.

So tough it practically has muscles. Tux is our toughest toy, built to stand up to the most fearsome fangs.

Where others sink, Tux swims.
Moving easily from land to the lake, stream, or sea, amphibious Tux floats for water play!

Make a Tux-cicle! Fill Tux with broth, gravy, or wet food and freeze it for a few hours to create an enticing, refreshing & lickable treat.

My dog loves to chew on shoes and slippers, how do I get him to stop?

If your dog has the need to gnaw, Tizzi's flexible handles give your dog a nice place to sink their teeth. But the fun doesn't end there, tuck a treat inside Tizzi's secret compartment and twist the handles to lock it inside- and send it flying. Guaranteed excitement!

What's your best treat toy for my dog to play with outside?

All of our treat toys are perfect for outdoor play. Every zogoflex dog toy floats and is dishwasher safe for easy cleanup - in the dishwasher. So go ahead and take any of these toys on your next outdoor adventure.

More good news:

Not only do all of our Zogoflex dog toys come with a 100% guarantee they are recyclable, BPA and Phthalate-free, non-toxic, FDA-compliant and latex free. So you can feel confident your dog is gnawing on the safest and most durable dog toy there is.

And don't forget:

Never leave a dog unsupervised with a new toy. Always choose a toy that is an appropriate shape and size for your dog's temperament. If your dog is able to destroy any dog toy, immediately remove the toy.

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