Travel Friendly Pet Products

Travel Friendly Pet Products

Posted May 01, 2019


TRAVEL LIGHT with West Paw

It’s getting to be that time again. It’s road-tripping season. And with over 67% of pet owners saying they plan on traveling with their pet *, West Paw has toys for the long haul, collars for connection, and beds for the back seat.

Boredom Busters:

Are we there yet?” Dogs can’t talk but if they could, you know this is what they’d ask. West Paw suggests dog owners answer the question with a pack of their dog’s favorite treats inserted into a West Paw Qwizl®, Tux®, Toppl®, or a Tizzi®. One of these will be sure to keep your dogs mouth on the toy and not on seat covers. 

Walk this Way:

Getting out and taking a walk to break up a long car ride is as essential to a dog as it is to a human. So be sure to pack your dog’s Strolls® and Jaunts® Leash and Collar (don’t forget their  ID tags in case they run off).

Don’t Forget the Fetch:

Balls and frisbees are a must have for road trips. Throwing a ball or frisbee around for your dog to chase will release pent up energy that needs to be expelled so they don’t go car-crazy.

Jive®, Boz®, and Rando® are three options for different dog chew needs, but all float and bounce. Dash® and Zisc® are great for fetch or tug-o-war and don’t forget to flip the Zisc for an automatic water or feeding bowl. 

A Tired Dog is a Happy Dog:

All that playing, walking and fetching are bound to make dog’s tired. West Paw has a light-weight, easy-to-wash solution, the Montana Nap®. Handcrafted from US-sourced eco-friendly materials both inside and out, the Montana Nap is as luxe as it is long-lasting. Toss it in the trunk when it’s not in use to keep it handy for car rides and campsites.

All products are available at and at select retailers across the US. 



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