What's Hot in the
Pet Market in 2018?

It's not all about food.

Top Trends in the Pet Industry

Posted February 06, 2018

What's Hot in the Pet Market in 2018?

West Paw has Compiled a list of the Top Three Trends in the Pet Industry

According to Packaged Facts, one only needs to look at the trends driving human habits: convenient, health-conscious meals, and a preference for natural and eco-friendly products to see what's trending for pets. And gone are the days when an old shoe or sock was good enough for a pet, 74% of dog owners say they use commercial toys regularly for their dog's chew and play needs and because West Paw cares about pet's safety, we only use food grade plastic in our Zogoflex chew and play toys. 


What Else?

  1. Home-delivered pet food: meal kit delivery isn't just for humans. Pets are also getting perks such as customized offerings, fresh food, convenience, and home-made quality. More and more we are seeing people turning to online delivery of pet food, convenience and customization are powerful drivers for pet owners, especially millennials, to sign up for dog food delivery services. Make these meals last longer by stuffing them inside a Qwizl® treat toy.

2. Overall we're seeing a growth in dog toys, but Durable Plush Dog Toys are seeing steady growth in sales as one of the faster-growing segments within the durable petcare category. Check out our Rowdies™ collection, our award-winning and ultra popular durable plush line.

3. A growing preference for natural and eco-friendly toys among pet owners. Not only is the idea of humanization of pets growing more than ever, but so is a consciousness of the health of the planet. In general, we are all becoming more aware of toxicity and harmful chemicals, so a concern of materials used in dog toys is at an all time high. Since West Paw began manufacturing pet products in 1996, we have always kept the planet in mind. We use eco-friendly materials in our toys and beds and always incorporate sustainable manufacturing practices in our day to day production work, all right here in the USA. Our B-Corp Certification proves our dedication to this cause.  

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thank you for doing the research on top trends for dogs. Now if only I can get more customers to my site. lol I am trying

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