Senior Dogs and Puppies

Toys Fit for All Ages
Zogoflex Echo™ is a toy collection designed for the ages
0-140 (dog years that is!) This collection's toys, Rando™ and Zwig™, cater to the many needs of puppies and senior dogs may have.

For that lovable old sport.

Older dogs may have more trouble keeping up with their younger selves but still love a great game of fetch or prefer a chill chew session.

Zogoflex Echo offers two ways to play (or not). Senior dogs will love that Echo is light enough to carry, especially with sensitive teeth, easy to hold between the paws, and doubles as a play or chew toy.

Puppies! Bouncing little bundles of unpredictable energy need a toy that can keep up with them.

Same can be said of the Zogoflex Echo collection. Rando and Zwig give the perfect boingy resistance for little puppy mouths and emerging teeth. Lightweight and hollow, these toys will stand up to persistent puppy chewing, in fact, the consistent springiness is a more satisfying chew than household items. Puppy parents will love that these toys are perfect for those early developmental months. It’s normal for young puppies to explore their world with their mouth, and that means chewing on whatever they can get their little paws on. As they grow older, they lose their baby teeth, and the emerging adult teeth can cause pain and discomfort. Relieving this pain drives puppies to chew, and chew, and chew. So save your shoes and sofa—give your puppy Zogoflex Echo, the hollow shapes are just the relief their developing mouths need!

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