The Insider Gift Guide for Inside Dogs

Comfy, Cozy, and Cute

Take back your bed by getting them their own. 

Pro Tip:
Cover your furniture in comfort, not fur. The Big Sky Blanket is a lot easier than using lint rollers to remove unwanted fur. We often see Dog's Best Friend purchase multiple beds—Heyday Bed for the house, Montana Mat for the Car.

Rowdy Dogs, Meet Your Match.

Seriously Tough, and Seriously Entertaining.

Pro Tip:
Squeaker seekers beware, Rowdies are built with HardyTex™. And if plush toys aren't your thing try a Rando™. It's random shape makes indoor playtime fun and it's lightweight so it won't take out a window. 

Chew on This.

If you've never played with a puzzle toy, you're in for a treat.

Pro Tip:
So is the dog—if they can figure out how to get them out.

What more could #DogsBestFriend Ask for?

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