Healthy Thanksgiving Recipes for Dogs

Posted November 17, 2017

Healthy Thanksgiving treat toy recipes for dogs

by Maggie Marton

Prep your pup some festive fare to stuff his treat toy this Thanksgiving.

While some traditional dishes are off limits—anything with onion or garlic, grapes or raisins, and chocolate, to name a handful—many are share-worthy! And, better yet, many Thanksgiving goodies can be repurposed into treat toy stuffers that delight your dog. Just remember to feed them in moderation so he doesn’t pack on extra holiday pounds.   

Here are three healthy treat toy recipes for Thanksgiving:

 Stuffing Stuffing

Traditional Thanksgiving stuffing is probably off limits because it’s usually made with onion. However, set aside some celery, bread, and bits of turkey (skin, fat, and bones removed). Cut the ingredients into approximately-kibble-sized chunks to stuff into a Toppl. Garnish with parsley to freshen your pup’s breath!

Leftover Jerky

Dehydrate leftover veggies and turkey to make a jerky-style chew that can be cut into nearly any shape to fit nearly any treat toy. If you don’t have a dehydrator, use the lowest setting on your oven, place the sliced leftovers in a single layer on a lined pan, and roast for six to eight hours. Tip: For crunchy strips of turkey, turn the heat up a notch, and let it dry out all the way.

Frozen Feast

Fresh cranberries, steamed broccoli, turkey, cheese spread, Brussels sprouts, and more! Tons of tiny leftovers are perfect for this recipe. Simply mash ‘em up and stuff the mixture into your dog’s favorite treat toy. Pop it in the freezer, and save the frozen feast for those bustling holiday shopping days or parties when your pup is going to be home alone. Save time, and make a few at once so that they’re ready to go when you’re heading out the door.

The best part about these recipes: they only take minutes to prepare! In most cases, you can whip them up as you prep your Thanksgiving dinner, or wait until the dishes are done and the guests are gone to utilize the leftovers. A spoiled dog and no food waste makes for a happy holiday season!

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