Goodbye Friends of Fair Felines

Posted May 24, 2017

The Last Goodbye!

We're saying goodbye to our cat toys.

Since 1996, West Paw has continually made the world's best pet products in the United States. We have always focused on new designs and smart innovation and sometimes this means we need to make room for pet projects. With this in mind, we had to say goodbye to some our cat toys (except catnip and beds). We're sorry to all of our feline friends. While we love our cat companions, we’ve decided to focus our design on dogs . . .

You can still by our USDA organic catnip leaf and our pet beds still comfort cats.




So sad to lose you. My previous two cats loved your toys. They last forever. My current cat is still playing with them. I had been a customer back when I bought from Spencer. The best cat toys ever!

- Mary Walsh -
Frederick, MD


I'm also very sad to see you discontinuing some of the best eco-friendly cat products on the market. I wish you would bring at least a few toys back for us! I promote your toys to all of my eco-conscious friends and family.

- Ciara C. -
Wilmington, NC

Amen to what Pamela said

Another early adopter, 20 year customer, caught unawares by your decision. I have sent your beds and toys to everyone I know with dogs and cats, especially to celebrate new adoptions. I have praised you to the skies as an example of the kind of company I'm proud to support, even when it means a higher price point. If the cat toys weren't selling enough to justify space in your warehouse, I understand that. "Need to make room for new projects" sounds disingenuous at best.

So this seems utterly cavalier and a big 'drop dead' to some of your faithful customers. Thanks a lot.

- Polly Kawalek -
Chicago, IL

Customer for over 20 years

Really . . . you are discontinuing all cat products without giving your long term Customer advance notice to purchase prior to discontinuing? I have been a good Customer for over 20 years including purchasing dog products for friends & family. I'm so disappointed I am at a loss for words.

- Pamela Tomlinson -
Washington DC

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