Do Indestructible Dog Toys Exist?

Posted January 28, 2015

Looking for an Indestructible Dog Toy?

Zogoflex® is West Paw Design's collection of the world's safest and most durable dog toys and we guarantee it!  Our collection of Zogoflex dog toys are the toughest in the world.  And while no dog toy can claim to be indestructible (let's face it, we've all met dogs who can chew through anything!), we stand by the durability of our Zogoflex toys with a replacement or money back guarantee. 

Before choosing a dog toy, be sure to know your dogs behavior with toys.  For example, do they like the challenge of a puzzle toy (or simply get bored)? Are they fetch fanatics (or run in the opposite direction)? No matter if they prefer to play on snow, sand or in salt water, Zogoflex toys all float and come in bright, easy-to-spot colors. 

CHEW TOYS (great for the tough teeth of terriers, Pit Bulls, Rotweillers and Collies): 

Tux Dog Toy

Tux® A dog's chance to have his cake (or peanut butter) and eat it too! The perfect combination of a supremely stuffable treat toy that will not hurt or damage the soft mouth of a dog, while still being guaranteed tough against dog damage. PRO PUP TIP: Stuff peanut butter, yogurt or canned dog food in the center and freeze to keep dogs entertained!

Hurley Dog Toy

Hurley® - Toss it, float it, chew it, love it! Hurley is a bone-shaped durable dog toy that won’t absorb slobber. Hurley is all the fun of a ball and a bone in one durable toy. PRO PUP TIP: Replace dog’s sticky, raw hide bone with a Hurley - it’s dishwasher safe so super easy to clean!

Jive Dog Ball

Jive® - Designed with a groove to give it an extra fun bounce, Jive helps improve a dog's physical and mental fitness. PRO PUP TIP: Small Jive fits in a standard ball thrower for an extra workout for dogs and arm muscles! Also available in black!

PLAY TOYS (great for dogs who love interactive play like fetch and tug-o-war like Labs, Retrievers and Shephard):

Zisc Dog Disc

Zisc® - for active dogs and people.  A frisbee that flies through the air with speed and accuracy. Its pliable material allows dogs to pick it up from flat surfaces easily. In backyards, at the park or on the water (it floats). Zisc is also available in glow-in-the-dark, for fun without the sun - no more excuse that it’s too dark outside to exercise. PRO PUP TIP: Flip Zisc over and fill with water when dogs need a drink!

Bumi Dog Toy

Bumi® - Tug-o-War, boomerage-like dog toy. Large Būmi stretches out to 20” and is an easy-to-throw toy that will keep people and pets entertained and active for hours. PRO PUP TIP: Playing tug-o-war with Būmi is tons of un and keeps both humans and pets engaged and entertained.

Toppl Dog Toy

Toppl® - A customizable puzzle toy that is turning treat time upside down and all around. Trap treats inside its inner ridges and watch dogs try to tip it over to keep dogs entertained and challenged. Perfect for smaller dogs, bigger dogs and clever dogs. PRO PUP TIP: Interlock the two sizes (small and large - sold separately) to make playtime over the Toppl!

Tizzi Dog Toy

Tizzi®  - Lively, fun and excitable, the oh-so-entertaining Tizzi helps dogs release pent up energy. The spiral design helps propel this toy further for extra-calorie burning fun. PRO PUP TIP: Unlock the handles to dispense favorite treats in the hollow center when dogs need a snack break!

And don't forget about our zero-waste dog toys, BLACK Zogoflex - West Paw Design’s extremely durable CHEW toys: Tux, Jive and Hurley are also available in black. This collection of zero-waste dog toys utilizes up to 120 pounds per week of previously not re-usable Zogoflex materials.

If your dog is one of the less than 1% who can chew through one of our Zogoflex dog toys, please take advantage of our guarantee.  We'll recycle it in our JointheLoop® closed-loop recycling program.  100% of Zogoflex products are made in the USA.

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