The Dirty Dog's Gift Guide

Posted March 06, 2018

#DogsBestFriend means getting gross but making sure it’s good clean fun (that’s also safe and durable). Here’s our top rated get it gross recommendations for Dog’s Best Friend.

Slobber is gross. Good news for you, these balls fit in a ball thrower.

Pro Tips:

  • Get 'em all switch up playtime.
  • All of our Zogoflex toys are dishwasher safe for when it's time to sanitize.
  • Fur Sure. Cover your couch, car, campsite, crate, and furniture with comfort, not fur. Wash, dry, repeat.

    Easy Clean, Waterproof, and Stink-Free Collars and Leashes.

    Made with super strong, super soft, anti-microbial hemp.

    What more could #DogsBestFriend Ask for?

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