Posted April 02, 2020


Working from home with pets just got a lot more peaceful

Working from home presents its own set of challenges, slow internet, unreliable technology, and needy co-workers, we’re looking at you dogs. While pets are loving this extra time with their humans, getting things done can be tough. Luckily, West Paw has plenty of treat toy options designed to keep dogs busy and mentally stimulated while you spend your work days on Skype, Teams or Zoom!


PROBLEM: I am fostering a puppy! He seems to be getting savvier by the day. I need a toy to continually challenge him as he grows.

SOLUTION: Toppl to the rescue. Topple is available in two sizes that connect to change up the challenge. Simply connect the small and large toys together.


PROBLEM: I have a dog that chews through everything. I cannot leave him alone for a second.

SOLUTION:  Tough chewer? Meet Tux - a mighty treat toy specifically built for heavy chewers.  Some pet parents say it’s “so tough it practically has muscles”. We don’t disagree.


PROBLEM: My dog eats treats so fast, I barely have time 
to finish an email.

SOLUTION: Pet owners looking for toys that prolong play, while making tasty treats last longer, meet Qwizl. This durable and challenging pet toy extends the life of expensive dog treats, like bully sticks and dental chews.


PROBLEM: My dog is not an incredibly tough chewer and he loves his treat toys. He needs something to keep him busy when I’m busy!

SOLUTION: Stuff Tizzi’s compartment full of dog's favorite treats and twist the handles to keep dogs busy working to get the treats out so you can work. After they’ve figured out how to dig out their dinner, toss it in the air for a fun game of fetch. The aerodynamic shape makes it fly further than typical treat toys and is terrific for tug-o-war. 

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