Best Costumes for Dogs

Posted October 11, 2018

Harry Potter Dog Costume

Harry Pupper

He's a hairy wizard.

This Griffondog look can be completed with a Boz® for a Quidditch ball!

Dog Spider Costume

Barking Spider

Have you ever seen a spider play fetch? Or three spiders playing tug of war? 

Wox® has 3 legs that your 8 legged friend will love! 

Mad Scientist Dog Costume

Mad Scientist

Give them some crazy Eintstein hair and some Rowdies™
They’re the Frankenstein of Dog toys. They also offer comfort for your dog every time the door bell rings.

Super Dog Halloween Costume

Super Mutt

It's a bird, it's a plane, no it's Super Dog!

A simple mask and cape can be made out of a shirt. 
Test their super skills with Jive's unruly bounce! 

Bat Dog Halloween Costume

Bad Dog, Bat Dog!

Have a bad dog who likes to chew? With 
Tux® no treats can hide from Count Dogula!

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