Skamp™ with Zogoflex Echo™

Posted March 08, 2019

Build your Zogoflex Echo collection with this durable play toy for dogs who love to fetch, tug, and chew. Launch it at Global Pet Exo, or fetch it right here on March 18th.


For centuries dogs have enjoyed playing with the basic sticks, twigs, and balls. Although playing fetch with these may seem harmless enough, sticks can leave splinters and puncture wounds, while even modern tennis balls have toxic glues and are abrasive on teeth. 

The Original Dog Toys, Reinvented. 
Built for moderate chewers, Zogoflex Echo is safer, more durable, and a lot more fun than the humble originals.


  • Safer Than a Stick
  • Flyer Inspired
  • Great for Tug-of-War
  • Fun to Throw & Fetch
  • Floats & Flies Far
  • Fun for two dogs


Solid to the core. Designed with durability in mind for tough to gentle chewers.

Zogoflex Air®

An air-injected center means Zogoflex Air provides a satisfying (and durable!) squish.

Zogoflex Echo™

Zogoflex with a hollow core. Built for dogs that love the chewy, durable, bounce-back resistance.

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