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Durable dog toys made in the USA

Find the perfect dog toy that will match the way your dog plays. Sure dogs will eat anything, but that doesn’t mean they should. Dog’s play and chew habits vary and no dog toy is indestructible (not even ours). We strongly recommend you know your dog’s chew and play habits before leaving your dog alone with a new toy. Please check out our online guide to know which toys are best suited to meet your dog’s chew and/or play needs.


Hurley Dog Bone

CHEW Hurley® is the ultra-durable bone dogs can’t get enough of.

  • Extremely durable for long chew sessions
  • Funky shape makes for a fun playtime bounce
  • 3 sizes and made in the USA

Qwizl Treat Toy

CHEW Qwizl® is an award-winning toy designed to keep dogs away from shoes.

  • Mentally stimulating treat toy for dogs
  • Extends the life of dog treats and prolongs play
  • Durable design stands up to chewers

Jive Dog Ball

CHEW Jive® is the uber-ball with a groove! (Which makes for a wacky bounce.)

  • Built for fetch, fits in a standard ball-thrower
  • Guaranteed and extremely durable
  • 3 sizes available and made in the USA

Tux Treat Toy

CHEW Tux® is a super durable treat dog toy with room for tasty treasures.

  • Extremely tough and durable toy
  • Stuff or freeze treats inside
  • Two sizes for small and large dogs


Toppl Treat Toy

PUZZLE Toppl® is the treat-keeping toy for endless playtime possibilities.

  • Puzzle dog toy for dogs of all sizes
  • Combine large and small for more of a challenge
  • Treat dispensing dog toy

Rando Dog Ball

PLAY Rando is cloud nine for dogs who crave a little more squish or a lighter touch from their chew toy.

  • Flat bottom and notched sides create erratic, intriguing motion
  • Easy to catch on the fly, fun to squish and chew
  • Great for play in the water-it floats
  • Pure fun-NO latex, BPA, phthalate or toxic inks

Zwig Dog Toy

PLAY Zwig is blow molded with a hollow center to be lightweight and durable for moderate chewers and persistent chewers who like the springy resistance of this more flexible chew toy.

  • Intriguing shape creates erratic bounce and energy to keep dogs engrossed
  • Dishwasher safe and buoyant in water
  • Safe and sound! Nontoxic, free of BPA, latex, phthalates
  • Backed by Love It Guarantee®

Boz Dog Ball

PLAY Boz® is a textured, squishy dog ball for obsessive fetchers

  • Lightweight and soft ball for dogs to catch in flight
  • More durable and safer than a tennis ball
  • Guaranteed and made in the USA

Dash Dog Frisbee

PLAY Dash® is a high-flying, aerodynamic disc for dogs!

  • Soft, squishy material is gentle on a dog’s mouth
  • Center hole provides for stable, fast flight
  • Guaranteed and made in the USA

Wox Dog Toy

PLAY Wox® is a durable dog toy for tugging, tossing and shaking.

  • Three wobbly legs for interactive tug-o-war games
  • Squishy, bouncy and puncture-resistant
  • Guaranteed and made in the USA


Zisc Flying Disc

PLAY Zisc® is a souped-up disc: softer on doggie mouths, tougher than other frisbees.

  • Flies like a hard plastic frisbee
  • 2 sizes available
  • Glow option for after-dark play dates

Tizzi Dog Toy

PLAY Tizzi® does triple duty for fetch, tug-o-war and treat-seeking distraction.

  • Handles “lock” for farther throwing
  • Open up handles to tuck treats inside
  • Perfect for tug-o-war

Bumi Tug Toy

PLAY Bumi® is built for tug-o-war standoffs and far-flung fetch sessions.

  • Flexes to 2X its length
  • Designed for far flung games of fetch
  • Easy-to-grab S-shape



PLAY West Paw combined the durability and safety of their award-winning Zogoflex material with a proprietary reinforced mesh backed fabric to create a furry plush toy that lasts.

  • Reinforced HardyTex™ Fabric
  • Zogoflex® Chew Zones
  • IntelliLoft® Fill
  • Squeaks

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NEW — Zogoflex Echo™

Zogoflex Echo is our lightest collection of Zogoflex due to its hollow core. Built for moderate chewers and dogs that love the bounce-back resistance.

Zogoflex® Dog Toys

Built for dogs who play hard, our durable Zogoflex® dog toys bounce, float, go in the dishwasher—and recycle back into new Zogoflex®.

Zogoflex Air® Dog Toys

Designed for dogs that have intense play drives and love squishy toys. These texturized toys come in exciting and durable shapes and sizes.

Durable Plush Dog Toys

West Paw combined the durability and safety of their award-winning Zogoflex material with a proprietary reinforced mesh backed fabric to create a furry plush toy that lasts.