Turtle is an environmentally friendly turtle-shaped dog toy featuring a long lasting squeaker surrounded by IntelliLoft fiber fill. Proven safe and rigorously tested by Öko-Tex third party ecological certifier.

Sorry, this toy has been discontinued and is no longer available.

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Customer Reviews

Turtle - squeaky

December 28, 2012

We recently purchased the Turtle and the my dogs have not wore out the squeaker, that's a first! Cute toy and the kids love it.

- Anonymous -

Not so long lasting squeaker...

February 20, 2012

Our 40 lb Siberian Husky (2 y.o.) bit through the squeaker this afternoon...and we bought it this morning. :( She still really likes the toy and I like that it is made of recycled and safe materials but am sad that the squeaker is dead already. For her sake, not mine...those squeakers get old after awhile but of course, that means the fun is mostly over for the pooch...

- MamaZ -
Everett, WA

Dog's Favorite Toy

January 04, 2010

This is a toy superior to all others. It is my dog's FAVORITE squeak toy by far, and if that toy is on the ground, she'll go straight for it. We have just bought it for her, however, and only time will tell if it is durable enough to withstand her bite.

- Anonymous -
United States

Turtle - Didn't last long

August 02, 2009

The turtle lasted little over a month before my 14-pound dog ripped the head off it.


- Mark -