Flyer is an environmentally friendly disc-shaped dog toy made from a soft, yet durable fabric perfect for indoor dog play and especially gentle on mouths. Proven safe and rigorously tested by Öko-Tex third party ecological certifier.

Sorry, this toy has been discontinued and is no longer available.

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The (now discontinued) Flyer

May 05, 2014

My dog is an older Shiba Inu who is well past the age of being excited by toys. As I unpacked the flyer, he looked at it, sniffed it, realized that he couldn't eat it, and set his head back down on his crossed front paws. Not to be easily defeated, I looked at its round flat shape and thought how great it would be as something to cover up dog treats. As he came to expect treats to be underneath of the flyer, he started picking it up. When he doesn't find a treat, he whips his head sideways and sends the flyer off in an unspecified direction. It isn't exactly play, but it's about as close as he gets. He sometimes picks it up and adds it to his blanket so that it plays the role of a pillow. For him, that's pretty attached.

- Howard Solomon -
DeKalb, IL, U.S.A.


June 22, 2013

Glides through the air. Soft and has a great spin. My dog loves it.

- KarenW -
New York

Excellent service, beautiful product.

April 28, 2013

Great quality product, excellent service. Totally recommend.

- Veronica -
Hamilton Australia

Lovin' it!

March 26, 2013

My dog does not appreciate it's greatness, however, I love this toy! It is great for playing in doors when the weather is bad. There is less chance of it breaking things around the house when thrown. It is durable! When I first gave this to my dog we played some tug-of-war and it withstood her roughness. If you are thinking of getting this, I would definitely recomment it.

- albonsonto -
Hampton, VA


December 16, 2012

This is a great indoor toy. Has lasted well and is so friendly to paint and furniture and such great fun. My corgi puppy started with this toy at a little over 2 months and learned to fetch right off. 8 months later I was so glad to find another (the last stock) in our local pet store today as the first has succumbed to adolescent chewing, still flies but somewhat erratically. I can assure you I am ordering several more as replacements as it has been such a fun safe indoor toy for all of us. Thanks for a great product. We give this one 10 WOOFS!

- Corgi Mum -
Dover DE

Dog Loves Flyer

December 24, 2011

Our dog is very hard on toys. Someone recently bought him a toy with stuffing and in less than 8 hours it was ripped and all the stuffing was gone.
The Flyer holds up well and he loves it. While he does tear them they last a lot longer than most toys and they are still safe for him even with a few holes.
I buy several at a time and I have to hide them so that he doesn't know the others exist or he will whine until he has them all.
The only complaint I have it that they are VERY hard to find. There is only one store near me that carries them and they are often out of stock. That's why I went to the website.

- Caren -