Reknitz sweaters


Made with 76% reclaimed cotton, these cozy, earth-friendly dog sweaters provide stylish warmth for your dog. Reknitz® dog sweaters are made in the USA. Easily accomodates harnesses and leashes.

Reknitz® are no longer avalible.

Puppy to Papa Dog

With 7 sweater sizes to choose from, you'll find the perfect sweater for your chilly dog!

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Customer Reviews

Purchased a swearter for each

December 29, 2014

Purchased a swearter for each of my 2 small dogs. I absolutely love the fit and quality. They are snug but not confining in any way. The sweaters fit each very different body type as if it was custom made for the individual dog. Simply ordered by length of dog.

- Anonymous -
New York

Love this sweater

December 22, 2014

We bought this sweater on a friend's recommendation and we love it! The dog loves to wear it, it looks great and it's fantastic that it is made from recycled materials. It can tend to stretch out after a while but we just wash and dry it on hot and it shrinks right back down. The colors and still just as vivid as when we got it. This was a great purchase!

- Maria

Make Sure You ***MEASURE***

January 14, 2014

The REKNITZ SWEATERS are great looking, fit well, and are made with high quality standards. They really are the best looking sweater that I have found for my 3-year old Shiba.

I only put the sweater on her when it gets cold and we go outside, but if she were the type of dog that gets cold indoors this sweater would stay on.

Make sure you measure again if you've ever bought a Reknitz Sweater in the past. When I first got my baby, I ordered from a different website and I got the size 14, which at that time was way too big! Well, my Shiba grew into it and it fits perfectly now, but I couldn't remember which site I bought it from. After being disappointed by many other cheaply made sweaters, I found WESTPAWS and so I immediately ordered another sweater. Unfortunately I ordered the size 14, which was on the old label, but when I got that one it was too SMALL, so I sent it back, remeasured my dog and found I needed to get the size 18, which fits perfectly and is the same size as the old size 14.

So the sizes have changed.

I got this sweater for Latte

November 07, 2013

I got this sweater for Latte to wear when we visit PA for Christmas. She has had it on a few chilly night walks here at home and seems to really like it! To me it feels a little too "plastic" and there is not really any way for me to judge the warmth, but size is perfect.

- Latte's winter sweater -
Santa Monica, CA

Perfect sweaters

February 12, 2013

These sweaters fit my dog perfectly. Perfectly made to go potty without making a mess back onto the sweater. Our first sweater was purchased 3 years ago and it is still in great condition!

- Anonymous -

perfect sweater until they changed sizing

February 02, 2013

we used to order 6 Sweaters every year for our Amstaff, last order in December, what a disappointment, far to small and far to tight.

ordered 3 sweaters, spent over 100 Dollars and had to donate them.

Answer from WestPaw... thats how it is... feel extremely disappointed...

- Brigitte -


January 19, 2013

Sweater is awesome for my pup! Your measuring chart was perfect and she loves the sweater- it's warm, not itchy, and so stinkin' cute!

- Heidi W -
East Nashville, TN

Cuddly and cozy

December 07, 2011

Just moved back from Puerto Rico where we adopted an adorable "sato", ie mutt (beagle/spaniel type mix). She was used to hot days and warm nights so imagine her surprise to find herself in Chicago heading into winter without the necessary fur. This sweater gives her great coverage; she is disproportionally long and it just about hits her hips (small size). This isn't great for windy conditions but lets her snuggle into a nap and takes the edge off while she's romping around the back yard or dog park. Recommend for dogs that like the total wrap around the body.

- Anonymous -

Sweater Awesome!

October 15, 2011

Just purchased size 12 sweater for my daughter's Italian Greyhound, Nelly, fits perfectly. Love the turtle neck as she is so long and slender this is the best fitting sweater ever.

- Susan -
Spruce Grove, AB

Wanted to love it, but....

October 15, 2011

I was so excited to find that west paw made dog sweaters, however when I received the product I found they left a lot to be desired. I love that the sweater is made of recycled materials and that they are manufactured in the U.S.A. but within a half an hour of wearing the sweater around the house (not playing or running, in fact a good portion was spent snoozing on an eco drop bed!) the sweaters fibers were falling apart and unraveling. I love the look and idea of the sweater, but it is almost as though the knit fibers are disintegrating. I have purchased loads of west paw products ( salsa's, boogey, zisc's, hurleys, hucks, bumis, beds, blankets, and a cloudburst jacket) and have been impressed with them all because of their durability, design, and manufacturing, but unfortunately the reknitz sweater did not reflect the companies usual high standards. :(

- Alison -
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada