Beef Liver Single Ingredient Dog Treat Case Pack


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Deliver the liver in a delicious, chewy, nutrition-loaded freeze-dried raw dog treat—after all, liver comes loaded with vitamins and minerals. So that’s all we included: 100% grass-fed liver, freeze-dried to naturally, safely capture all the healthiness and flavor—and absolutely nothing else.

Dog owners will love that Beef Liver Treats are:

• Made from 100% American Grassfed Certified Beef liver, humanely raised and sustainably sourced
• Made from the liver—a protein powerhouse
• Freeze-dried to preserve all the raw, whole food nutrition
• Rich in iron, folate, and B-vitamins (just to name a few)
• Backed by our Love It Guarantee™
• Available in the US only

Dogs know what’s good. Funny story—even though these organ meats are some of the most nutritious offerings from the highest-quality livestock, they tend to just getdiscarded.So our freeze-dried raw dog treats make the most of a nutrition powerhouse that would otherwise go to waste. Less waste, more taste—it’s a good time to be a dog.

Treat Them Well.

Pup Wellness Tip: Just like humans, dogs need mental stimulation—it keeps their brains sharp and their days interesting. Pop a nutritious treat in a West Paw treat toy for a challenge AND a reward. (Best day ever.)

The American Grassfed Certification guarantees that our livestock is raised healthily with no antibiotics, on eco-friendly ranches that bolster rural economies in the US. Grass-fed meat is lean, yet packed with good fats, not to mention antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals—and wag-worthy flavor.

Treat them with care.

Safely preserved, without a single additive. Our freeze-drying process incorporates high-pressure pasteurization (HPP)—every treat is subjected to pressures greater than what you’d find in the deepest trench of the ocean. Pathogens and bacteria can’t take it (buh-bye!), but the flavor and nutrition are perfectly retained—no preservatives or additives required.

Treat them like family.

B Corps are the good guys: companies who champion the right thing—for staff, customers, and the environment. We’re proud to be not just a member, but a four-time winner of the Best for the World: Environment award.

We’ve been family-owned and operated since 1996. Pets aren’t the only ones we treat like family—we’ve also been named “Best Place to Work in Montana” as well as “One of America's Best Small Companies” by Forbes Magazine.  

We’re in it for the wags. We’ll replace or refund anything that doesn’t induce a happy dance. Read More »

Treats FAQ

What is your guarantee/return policy?

West Paw stands by our Love It Guarantee, just like all of our other products. Please visit our guarantee page to fill out our form or learn more.

How long are treats good for, once I open the bag?

Our treats have a best-by date that is 18 months from the time they are packaged. Freeze dried treats should be kept in a sealed container, like the ziplock they come in.

Creamy treats should be used by the best by date. Peanut butter and banana may be kept on a shelf while beef liver & pumpkin should be kept in a fridge.

Your treats are grain free, what about DCM?

Dilated Cardiomyopathy (DCM) is a serious issue in some dogs. The FDA has linked grain free foods to DCM. However, research has shown that in addition to diet, genetics may play a role in DCM with some breeds being more prone to DCM than others. We recommend that dog owners feed their dogs a balanced diet and that they monitor and control their dogs' caloric intake (including the amount of treats). Consumers who are concerned about DCM should work with their vets and trusted experts to make sure they are selecting a food that is complete and balanced, and monitoring their dogs overall caloric intake, including the treats they are feeding.

Is your sourcing from humane/sustainable farms? How do you know that?

We work with the American Grassfed Association (AGA) and with the Food Alliance Certification (FAC), as well as with our processor and co-packer to make sure the proteins are sourced from farms and ranches that humanely and sustainably raise their livestock. We have certifications from each production lot to verify our supply chain for freeze-dried treats.

Where are your treats manufactured?

Freeze dried treats are made in Oregon and packaged in Utah.
Creamy treats are made and packaged in Utah.

Does freeze drying affect nutritional content of the food?

We believe that freeze drying does not affect the nutritional content of our foods. However, some proponents of raw foods for pets may argue that processing of any sort has the potential to change the nutritional content. We have chosen to freeze dry to be as close to raw as possible, with added safety for pets. There are no health risks to ingesting freeze dried foods.

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