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Rowdies contains two of West Paw's sturdiest technologies, reinforced HardyTex® fabric with mesh backing make up their bodies, and Zogoflex® chew zones entice at the end of arms. Embroidered eyes cannot be plucked off by teeth. Rowdies contain a squeaker to prompt play.
Dog Owners Will Love:
  • Filled with eco friendly Intelliloft®
  • Machine washable and dryer safe
  • Part of our Love It Guarantee™
  • Made in the USA
What type of dog is Fergus best for?
Fergus has arms and legs that are great for tugging and tossing up in the air. Best for small dogs with big play drives. 
Please remember your dog’s safety is your responsibility. While Rowdies® are made super tough, they are not indestructible and have not been designed for aggressive and destructive chewers.
Height: 9.5"/24 cm
Width: 6.25"/16 cm


Rowdie Dogs
Meet Your Match

Each one of these toys were designed to play in different ways. Finding the best ways to tug, shake, toss, roughhouse and play are just a play button away.


Designed, developed, and tested for toughness over countless hours of rough dog play, our proprietary HardyTex fabric is more than just a fuzzy face—it’s a tough, plush fabric reinforced with a mesh backing for extra durability that surpasses standard plush fabrics.

Zogoflex® Chew Zones

Go ahead and chew! Our unique and innovative Zogoflex “chew zones” provide a durable, designated area for dogs who love to gnaw and nibble.


All of our products are made by us in Bozeman, Montana, USA.

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Our exclusive eco-fiber, made completely from recycled plastic.

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Love It Guarantee. Durable. Safe. Made Responsibly.

West Paw guarantees the performance of every product we design and manufacture here in Bozeman, Montana (that's all of them).

We want you to love West Paw's products. If you don’t, we’ll make it right.

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Customer Reviews

My Bella loves her Fergie baby

June 23, 2020

Bella my yellow lab is in love with her Rowdie. She carries it around and it is never far away from her. Her last Rowdie lasted over 2 years and I am very impressed by the West Paw quality and durability.

- Melody Chase -
Brooklyn, CT

Fergie Rowdy Toy

May 16, 2020

I had high hopes for this toy. My puppy realllllllly liked it. Alas the love was too strong. She decided that the stuffing and squeaky were totally unnecessary and removed them rather hastily. She also thought a trimming of the purple fur was in order and proceeded to remake Fergie. What remains is another sad ghost of itself tug of war toy. But true to West Paw's blurb Fergie's eyes are intact.

PS. I am having a "Most Dedicated Toy Destroyer" plaque made up for our pup.

- Paula -

Fergie Rowdy Toy

May 18, 2020

Thank you for reaching out regarding the Fergus Rowdie toy.  Our durable plush is designed for dogs that do not have an intense chew drive but rather have a high play drive with behaviors such as shaking, tugging, and tossing. 

Your pup may be better matched with our Zogoflex line of toys such as the Tux, Jive and Hurley. 

We do offer our Love It Guarantee, which is a one-time replacement or refund if that will help you. And we can always replace your damaged toy with a more durable one. Please just visit our website at: https://www.westpaw.com//guarantee-form 

- West Paw -

Fergus fine for all but the most dedicated toy destroyers

February 10, 2019

I'm a dog trainer and am always on the lookout for toys to give as gifts to my client dogs, as well as toy recommendations for my human clients. I've tried playing with Fergus with a number of client dogs and it's worked out well for most of them. For a plush toy it is amazingly durable, even when dogs play tug with each other with it. I have had a couple dogs who diligently pulled out the purple fabric or ripped the toy but for all but the most aggressive chewers, I'd give Fergus a thumbs up. It's an expensive toy but in my experience, West Paw has stood behind its guarantee policy without questions.

- Animal Harmony -
Great Falls, Montana

Fergus - on the Fence

December 30, 2018

Fergus has proven to be tough enough to endure the chew monster, but it is too heavy and too big. Our puppy (chew monster) is only 10 lbs and he has a hard time carrying Fergus.
Fergus also gets very dirty very quickly. We humans don’t want to touch him after he has been slobbered on and pushed around the floor.
I would love to see a smaller version of Fergus with smaller hands and Berber carpet for fur.

- Betniesam -

Fergus finds a home

November 18, 2018

Soak Jef my cairn into local pet shop. She stole West Paw spring chicken right off a hook and went to it. That lasted about 3 days before she shredded it. I went on line and learned about the West Paw line up and purchased Fergus. Fergus is great. He’s The cairn’s favorite toy, she’s using him as a pillow as I type this up. Old Fergie has taken a beating and still has his eyes and his squeaker. She doesn’t really chew or care much for his rubber hands(why 4 and not 5 stars) but she sure likes to tear his hair out, he’s endured that pretty well and still looks furry enough. Fergus is pretty pricey but I’ve not had a fuzzy dog toy come close to lasting as long as he has and she seems to be settling down with the hair removal project so I’ve fingers crosssd he will last a good long time now that he’s survived the initial abuse. My dog loves this toy and I get a good laugh watching her with him so is worth it to me.

- Mr Terrier -

Not as tough as expected

November 05, 2017

Let me start by saying I have had wonderful past experience with West Paw Design products as it pertains to the solid rubber toys. I have 3 dogs and they are tough on toys. I was skeptical about buying toys with a plush component. I bought one for each dog. My Doberman mix had his torn open in less than 20 minutes and my other dogs were pulling fur out of theirs. I had to take all three toys away. That being said the short time they had them they enjoyed them but a lot of money for a little fun for my dogs. Like I said I love the solid toys West Paw makes but the plush were not for my dogs.

- Kraig -
New Oxford, PA

New toys

October 30, 2017

My older female Tara grabbed this toy away from small Nepal right out of the box. She took it outside and laid on it ! It was hilarious. I should have bought one for each dog. This one is the new favorite shake and tug toy!

- Loralyn Perry -


October 29, 2017

While I generally have been very pleased with West Paw products, the Rowdie was totally disappointing. I paid a premium price for an American made toy that was billed as durable, but my Boston Terrier tore it up in a couple of hours. I don't know if it was an issue of expectations on my part or marketing on West Paw's part, but this toy was definitely not durable.

If your dog is an aggressive chewer/shredder, this toy may not be right for you.

- Rick -
Wilmington Delaware


October 30, 2017

Hi Rick, 

We're sorry the Fergus didn't stand up to your pup, please check out the Love It Guarantee at this link: https://www.westpaw.com//guarantee-form 

Then we can either refund you or get you into a tougher toy design!

Please let us know if you have any questions as well!  [email protected]


- West Paw -