Targhee Trout

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Targhee Trout may be a fish out of water, but isn't afraid of getting wet - wash and dry this fun dog toy. With a long-lasting, attention holding squeaker, recycled IntelliLoft fabric and fill, our Targhee Trout will be the best catch of the day. Squeaker included. Machine washable and dryer safe. Made in the USA. Measures 13".

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Customer Reviews

Trout toy

January 06, 2019

Our Emmy loves squeaker toys and she enjoys the noise and the tugging on the toys! She has not ripped the trout apart, while her other toys are pretty much pulled apart! My only issue is that the squeaker did not last more than a day. We had purchased the first trout in Colorado and the same thing happened. West Paw replaced immediately, and the squeaker is our only issue. Otherwise very sturdy dog toys!,!

- Janet Cusa -
North Kingstown Rhode Island

A big hit with my labradoodles!

September 17, 2018

We have 2 ninety pound labradoodles who are constantly playing with the fish and the squirrel, their two favorites toys currently. The toys seem durable and they are guaranteed! I have not been disappointed by West Paws toys!

- Ghm3 -

Favorite toy !

August 14, 2018

We rescued a pug mix last year who didn’t like to play with toys until his grandma got him a stuffed VW van, which his brother promptly destroyed. I got him the trout after having success with a Rowdie for his brother and Ziggy LOVES his trout! It is, by far, his favorite toy, and he loves playing with it. Since playing with it he’s become more open to playing with toys in general but his trout is his favorite. Unfortunately, a German shepherd mix friend of his destroyed it, but the pals over at WestPaw replaced it for free and my baby pig has his favorite toy back! Thank you, WestPaw for making durable (for my dogs), fun toys for my babies and having their backs when other dogs destroy those toys! We love you :)

- Hannah -
Tucson, AZ

Targhee Trout

February 06, 2017

Love your products - super soft, great quality, great colors! Of my order, this has been a favorite item. My 2yr old dog has not destroyed it, and my 12wk old puppy absolutely loves it. Carries it, chews it, sleeps with it. He is a blue merle Aussie and it matches his one blue eye - very cute! Great job

- PJB -

Targhee Trout

July 24, 2016

I bought three "stuffies" for my daughter's 7 month old pit/pointer puppy and, so far, he seems to enjoy them and hasn't torn them to shreds. Her puppy is deaf so the squeaker makes no difference to him but, my daughter said she may remove it because it drives her nuts! I must agree. I was looking for a squeaker-free toy but couldn't find one. I love that these are made in America and I've bought other West Paw products in the past and have always been pleased with their quality and the customer service.

- CBarry -
Seattle, WA


June 19, 2016

Manolette loves the Trout. He likes to throw it up in the air. And he also likes to snuggle up to it. I like the fact that I can machine wash it.

- Manolette's mom -

Love all West Paw!

April 22, 2014

Among the many, love them! Happy to support!

- Wyatt's Mom -
South Lake Tahoe, CA

Giant Schnauzer Proof - Targhee Trout

April 22, 2013

Eva, our one year old giant schnauzer, absolutely loves her Targhee Trout. She carries it around constantly and it has lasted through many rounds of tug-of-war with the neighbor's dog. It's so well made and I'm happy knowing that she's playing with something that is made from safe materials.

- Brittanie -
Savannah, GA

Targhee Trout

May 20, 2012

Great toy - great products!
Safe non-toxic toys made in the USA!
LOVE LOVE LOVE the toys -
and virtually indestructable by my Jack!
Now if I could only do something about
the neighbor dogs rustling her toys!

- Suzanne -
Sperryville Virginia


January 04, 2010

This toy didn't last long at all into the stuffing, along with the squeaker, was ripped out and almost consumed by my dog, Zoe. However, we managed to handle the stuffing before she could get her paws on it. However, even with the stuffing gone, it is one of her favorite toys.

- Anonymous -
United States