Sequoia Squirrel



No more barking up the wrong tree! With our Sequoia Squirrel dog toy, every dog becomes an accomplished hunter! Made with our NEW IntelliLoft fabric and filled with IntelliLoft fill, Sequoia Squirrel holds up to rough and tumble play. The signature bushy tail is made with faux fur and gives the squirrel an animated attitude. Squeaker included. Machine washable and dryer safe. Made in the USA.

Measures 8".

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Customer Reviews

A Favorite

June 12, 2016

Something different. Never a disappointment with any West Paw toy for our Blair.

- nsxtech -
Gaithersburg, MD

Squirrel love

May 13, 2015

I too the point where I will ONLY offer my dogs toys made in the USA... and finding a plus toy made here proved difficult. So we were stoked to find West Paw offered them.
Even though my catahoulas mission is to seek and destroy, they LOVE plush toys, for that reason.
I did not expect durability beyond five minutes... which was about right... surreal was open, gutted and desqueaked within 5 minutes, BUT...she has been carrying the carcass around for weeks, she loves it! The furry tail "does it" for her!

- DT -

the sqeaker lasted about two

February 09, 2014

the sqeaker lasted about two minutes

Dixie loves her squirrel toy.

December 22, 2013

Dixie loves her squirrel toy. We bought it as a joke because squirrel is her favorite word and she will dislocate your arm chasing after them. But she loves the toy and throws it to herself and divebombs onto it. I have never seen an Australian Cattle Dog in so much love.

Sequoia Squirrel

January 08, 2013

Our dog just loves the squirrel. Nice job! It's her favorite toy.

- Tom F -

Sequia Squirrel

December 28, 2012

I no longer buy toys for my dog that have been made overseas, even though dog toys made in China are chaper and readily available. I don't like not knowing if they were made with toxic materials or under bad working conditions.

My small dog has a large collection of toys because she has strong preferences depending on the day of the week, if taking it outside in the mud means it can never come in the house again because it can't be washed, and if it is suitably gooey and smelly to present to her new friend the repair guy.

I appreciate a source of replacement toys made in the US from recycled non-toxic materials.

North Carolina

Squirrel time

December 25, 2012

Our Brittany received Sequoia squirrel for Christmas,she has played with it all morning,hideing it then finding it.It kept her busy when we opened our gifts.I am sure it will be a much loved addetion to all the toys she has from West Paws Design.
Thank you for the safe items you make.

- Anonymous -
Mustang Oklahoma

Didn't hold up

March 05, 2012

Our dog, a 2 year old Dutch Shepard mix, put a hole in the tail almost immediately and tore the body open within four days.

- Thomas Pfau -
Noth Brunswick, NJ

not durable

February 25, 2012

dog pulled it apart within 10 least there was no stuffing. Should not be advertised as a durable toy.

- Anonymous -

Longest Lasting but Not Too Long

November 20, 2011

My American Eskimo/Sheltie mix loves plush squeaky toys but I can not find anything that can stand up to her destructible mouth. Well unfortunately she won over the tail in about 25 minutes but the squirrel itself lasted about 3 hours. So overall she had fun and it lasted longer then any other I have ever gave her, but still not as long as I would like :(

- Jac -