aka: "Li'l S-S-Stretch"
19.5" long


aka: "Big S-S-Stretch"
34" long



Your dog will love to shake and squeak this soft bodied snake as the long cylindrical body springs into action with the slightest shake of a dog’s head. Recycled fabric and fill for durable play to make this snake-shaped dog toy the go-to friend for your favorite pup. The large oversized head and stretchy body makes this a must have item for interactive play. Available in two sizes, this dog toy is a must have for all breeds!

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Customer Reviews

Did not last

April 13, 2016

My dog destroyed in 2 hours unfortunately.

- adushman -

S-S Stretch

June 03, 2015

After I ordered the S-S Stretch I realized that Tucker already had one which he plays tug with his Westie friends. He has had it for a while and has never destroyed it. I am saving the new one to give to one of his Westie friends during the holidays. I am so grateful for your company and the products you make in the USA. My Tucker got got very ill (an infection in his colon) after he played with a toy from China. All of your toys, beds, blankets and mats are the best ever. Thank You.

- Betty Jane Steele -
Washington, DC


January 05, 2014

The S-S-Stretch was for our two Boxers. We bought the blue and rust colored (one for each) and our babies have not destroyed them yet, but they have tried. Very few toys have survived more than 1 day, but these are Boxer approved and tough, and they squeak! The biggest reason I bought them, they are made in the USA, not Chinese junk laced lead....Thank you for a great product made in the U.S.A.!

Amended - Review

March 29, 2013

Ooops my last review was actually for the wacky worm I bought! Can we modify? The S-S-Strech is a great tug toy with a squeaker, this toy is still in one piece and my dogs play some serious tug games! I highly recommend this toy.

- KC -


April 01, 2012

My dog, Walter, a 15 month-old pitbull, loved this toy -- for about 35 minutes.

The head was ripped off first, the squeak was no more, and the tail was shredded. OK, I was being unrealistic - I know Walter can destroy any dog toy known to mankind, but I live in hope that one day someone will create a squeaky toy that lasts.

Huck and Tux work well, but no squeak. Unfortunately, Walter is squeak obsessed.

- John A -
Los Angeles

Can't believe it passed the Lily test!

July 28, 2010

Our puppy Lily is almost one year old and she was going through toys faster than I could find them! She LOVES this snake. She squeaks it, tugs on it, throws it and sleeps with it. It's been several months and this is by far our longest-lasting toy ever. Thank you so much!

- Anonymous -
Syracuse, NY

Cutter's # 1

March 31, 2010

We gave Cutter (6 yr old swiss mtn mutt) S-S-Stretch for Christmas this past year. He LOVES it. We play tug-of-war almost daily, and S-S-Stretch still squeaks and is still perfectly intact. I didn't think it was possible to find a toy that was made in America by a great company, that he would love so much, and that would withstand so much vigorous play. "Snake" is Cutter's best Christmas gift ever! Thanks!

- Katie -

Favorite Toy

October 08, 2009

This is my one Jack Russells favorite toy. It has got to be 7-8 years old and while the squeaker is long gone and it is chewed up and frayed, Butch will cuddle up with his "snakey" every night. His brother Boots tries to steal it from him but we don't allow that. Thank you for making such a great toy!

- ButchandBoots -
Delanson, NY

The first one lasted a while...

July 31, 2009

Our little toy rat terrier can destroy just about any toy in record breaking time. If you hand him a Loofa dog you might as well just toss him some cash to eat instead, it will last about as long. He loves to tug with his 30lb older 'brother,' and since this snake didn't have much stuffing we decided to give it a try. The first one lasted several weeks, which is unheard of with most toys like this. Only two fabric toys have survived longer, and beileve me... we have been through LOTS of toys. The dogs had a lot of fun, but eventually the little rat did succeed it ripping open a seem at the "neck" of the snake. It of course it didn't take long before he happily succeeded in creating a pile of fluff. I must say the fabric held up quite while, relatively at least. We bought a second snake, hoping it might last as long as the first. Sadly, the second snake didn't last long at all. The first snake has white and black markings, the second was the black and gold spotted print. I don't know if there was any difference in the fabrics, or if he had just learned the weak points of the toy. I would recommend buying this one for tug-loving dogs, but once it is destroyed it might not be worth replacing depending on your dog's skills in toy destruction.

- Robyn -
Raleigh, NC

The Best

December 23, 2008

After destroying (quickly) every chew toy she ever had my Malinois Molly and I discovered "Li'l Stretch". Upon seeing it was "Made in America" and having become increasingly upset having to buy items made in a certain Asian country we decided to keep our money in the U.S.A. The price was more than the others but believe me this toy lasts! It is over a year old and other than being a little dirty it is as good as new. You get what you pay for. If it ever wears out we will definitely purchase another. Thank you!

- Fred L. -