Madison Moose



Inspired by the majestic moose who inhabit the Madison river area near our headquarters in Montana, Madison Moose dog toy is made from our NEW super durable and eco-friendly IntelliLoft fabric and filled with super soft and snuggly IntelliLoft® fill. Machine washable and dryer safe. Squeaker included. Made in the USA. Measures 11".

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Customer Reviews

Madison the Moose is AWESOME

February 26, 2013

Absolutely love this toy. Matches my dog's bed perfectly and its an awesome cuddle buddy. I also love that its made with care and safe materials. I will be getting my Sheltie puppy in 2 weeks and I am positive he will love it. And if he chews up Madison I will definitely be ordering another! USA made dog toys rock!

- Julie Ladd -
New York

Madison Moose

January 02, 2013

Great toy for my chocolate lab Emmy who loves to carry a squeeky toy around with her. I chose this toy over others because it was made in the USA and was just the right size for her.

- Tim F -
Taunton, MA

Penny loves Moosie

December 23, 2012

This toy lasts longer than any other stuffed toy we've had. Penny (1 year old lab mix) tears through all other stuffed toys in the first cople days. Moosie has lasted 4 months! I only purchase West Paw stuffed toys now.

- Anonymous -
Annapolis, MD

Durable classic toy - my dog's favourite

November 04, 2012

We found West Paw after searching for a company that makes its dog toys in the US, because we like to support companies that manufacture in countries where workers are properly treated, and we feel safer knowing that the toy doesn't contain dangerous chemicals (as products made elsewhere too often do).

This moose toy right away became our dog's favourite. Previously he has destroyed similar toys within hours, but weeks later this one is still completely intact. The large version is the perfect size for our 80-pound retriever, and the squeaker is nice because it goes off once in a while (entertaining the dog) but not frequently enough to drive us insane. It's soft, well-made, and quite cute.

- P.J. -
Boston, MA

Madison Moose - yeah!!!

June 22, 2011

This a wonderful's actually Happy's favorite...he has to have it w/him when he sits with me or my husband, when he goes to bed-just about wherever/whenever he is sitting still..
Our Happy is a pretty tough customer where stuffed toys are concerned. He's about 35 lbs and pretty strong..We've gone through more plush toys than we ever thought we would...Until he met his match in the form of "Madison Moose"...This great moose gives our Happy a run for his money. While we've had to replace MM a few times, you have to realize that we've had Happy for 5 years now and he chews this poor little moose all day and, as noted above, when he goes to bed...

I'm actually online ordering 2 spares since it's been a while and we want to be sure that there are reserves around. Also, he's now got a sister who has been eyeing Moose...

Hope this helps..

Durable and Pretty Appealing

January 04, 2010

Even though this toy isn't my dog's absolute favorite, it has lasted the longest of the toys from West Paw Design. I think it has been around for sixth months now and I see no rips. I bought the charcoal moose for my small dog, Zoe, who enjoys big dog toys.

- Anonymous -
United States


November 19, 2008

I have bought several of these over the years and they hold up very well. I have a Bassett Hound and the squeaker lasts a while. I buy him one for Christmas and his birthday every year.

- Laura -
New York

Madison Moose

May 23, 2007

My dog LOVES her moose. She is a beagle mix and this is her favorite toy. It washes well. I'm ordering another to keep in the car.