Floppy Quack


Dogs love Floppy Plush Toys so much they're out of stock.

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Floppy, flat and fabulous, the stuffing-free Floppy Quack dog toy is designed for dogs that have a tendency to love traditional plush toys to pieces. Great for pouncing, shaking, tossing and retrieving, this lively duck-shaped dog toy has two squeakers sewn inside. Made with baby-blanket soft material. Measures 14” for larger breeds and measures 8” for smaller breeds.

  • Made from silky smooth fabric
  • Machine washable and dryer safe
  • Soft, snuggly and guaranteed
  • Available in two sizes (large and small)
  • Handcrafted in the USA

Please remember your dog’s safety is your responsibility. No dog toy is indestructible. Choose only toys that are the appropriate shape and size for your dog and always supervise your dog’s use of toy. West Paw guarantees the performance and quality of every product they design and manufacture in the USA (that’s all of them).

Love It Guarantee. Durable. Safe. Made Responsibly.

West Paw guarantees the performance of every product we design and manufacture here in Bozeman, Montana (that's all of them).

We want you to love West Paw's products. If you don’t, we’ll make it right.

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Customer Reviews

Floppy Quack fun for Westies

December 16, 2018

We have used a Floopy Quack as a catch toy on a stick and string— Fishing for Westies we call the game. Both dogs play but our boy dog loves to play The toy has been very durable for quite awhile. The squeakers are defunct but not surprising with The activity. This purchase is aback up but the original is still in service. Great toy! Well made.

- John Langlois -

Not for chewers

March 10, 2018

While our 11 month old Golden Retriever loves this toy, it is not durable. Our dog chewed a hole in it in minutes and then both squeakers have been punctured.

- Rocco's mom -

Not for Chewers

March 14, 2018

Hi Rocco's Mom,

We are sorry to hear that you had issues with the floppy quack! We do offer our Love It Guarantee, which is a one-time replacement or refund if that will help you. And we can always replace your damaged toy with a more durable one. If you want a toy that will last longer than the floppy quack, I would recommend trying something in the ZogoFlex line. Please just visit our website at: https://www.westpaw.com//guarantee-form 



- West Paw -

So much fun!

April 02, 2017

Our new rescue doesn't care for any toys...but I decided to give this one a shot. She LOVES it. Plays with it all the time! I am so happy!!

- Jme

Karma's Floppy Duck

March 26, 2017

She loved it immediately!!

- Beckyrnc -

Lexi's floppy duck

June 19, 2016

Lexi recently was diagnosed with cancer and has had one of two major surgeries. she has to wear a collar to protect her surgery and has not wanted to move until she saw the floppy duck!! She loves it and works around her collar to be able to play with her duck! she is happy again. thank you!

- Glo -

Kids *Love* Their Quacks

April 12, 2013

This is the perfect toy for my Shih Tzu and my Tzu mix. They love tossing it around, making it squeak, etc. They even try to get each other's Quacks. Nice alternate for the Salsa/Baby Salsa, which they also love.

- T&P's Mom -

My Yorkie, Dexter loves Floppy Quack

February 09, 2013

My Yorkie, Dexter loves his Floppy Quack! He loves to toss it up in the air and flip it around, then run after it! It's really cute to watch. He also likes to chew on it so he has already broken the squeaker inside. I'm wondering if WestPaw could include a more durable squeaker in their toys because this also happened to the Floppy Giraffe I bought for Dexter.
Thanks, Jennifer

- Jen -
Morningside Heights, NY City

Floppy Quack

January 24, 2013

Love it!

- Anonymous -

mixed reviews

January 10, 2013

This is the second large floppy quack that I have purchased from your company. The first lasted only seconds. This one has lasted much longer and I love the color that was chosen for my dog. I am disappointed in the size. They seem to have shrunk in size and not price since I purchased the first one.

- Anonymous -