Big Sky Puppy



Dogs are pack animals so add this super cute puppy shaped dog toy to your pups pack.  This super soft, dog toy is perfect for playtime and the planet. Made from left over Big Sky Blanket fabric so it reduces waste. Fun squeaker inside.

Measures 5". Made in Montana, USA.

Big Sky Blankets. Made in Montana of super-soft faux suede and plush fabric.

So snuggly, customers will want two, one for them and one for their furry friend.

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Customer Reviews

Squeaky Toys +

November 30, 2019

My pup Riley loves your products. We have almost one of each squeaky and the frisky. It’s also great that these are made in the USA. Riley will on ocassion tear them apart. He does so intentionally working the seams then pulling out the stuffing LOL but mostly he likes to play catch w them. Keep up the good work and keep them USA made pls.

- Angela -
Livermore, CA

One week in and we are still squeaking

September 13, 2019

My little 9 lb Chi-Poodle mix is a squeaker destroyer. She considers it her job not only to get the squeaker out of the toy but to make sure it never makes another sound. So far she has tried her hardest and has been unable to remove the squeaker from the Big Sky Puppy. We were huge fans of the Tiny Turtle years ago and I was so excited to see something similar here again. We have been through numerous toys over the past couple years but they were no match for Bonnie. I hope this Puppy can hang in there. So far I am more than pleased! She sleeps with it, fetches it, and carries it everywhere she goes, even outside to chase squirrels. haha

- Bonnie's Mom -
Garland, TX

25lb Chi-mix loves this thing

January 06, 2019

This is the perfect size for my dog - she instantly fell in love and it's now her new 'baby.' It has put up with many fierce flea-bitings and play-tuggings. I like that it's made in the USA. Recommended for small to medium-small dogs!

- ktpi -
Raleigh, NC

Big Sky Puppy is a Favorite

September 05, 2018

This little toy is Cody's (a little Pomeranian) favorite. He'll pick this one out of the pile of dog toys every time. After a year or so, he wore the squeeker out of the first toy and I made sure another was ready to take its place. Are replacement squeekers available?
The material and craftsmanship of the puppy is fabulous. Please continue making them as we will be back for more in a few years.
P.S. Thank you for making toys that are the perfect size for little furry friends.

- Cody's mom -

Big Sky Puppy

September 07, 2018

Hi Cody's mom,

We don't offer replacement squeakers, but we do have our Love It Guarantee. That's a one-time refund or replacement per toy design.

Please visit our website at:




- West Paw -

She Loves These!!!!

July 29, 2018

Last summer, there was a toy left in our hotel room as a gift from The Summit Lodge in Whistler BC which was similar to this little dog and
Tebow claimed it as her own. When we got home I had to find more. They don't make the little frog any more but I've been purchasing
these little puppies ever since. They are "her" puppies and she always has one in her mouth. Tebow is a Yorkie.

- Tebow's Mom -
Snohomish, WA

Too Small

January 07, 2018

It was no bigger than the palm of my hand! I bought it for my mini lab who is not at all an aggressive chewer or destroyer but Christmas morning it was ripped open and squeaky toy out in under an hour. I was so bummed at the size & the fact that she destroyed it so quickly

- Maisys Mom -
Long Island, NY

Too Small

January 08, 2018

Hello Maisy's Mom,

We're sorry that you had issues with the Big Sky Puppy! We do offer our Love It Guarantee, which is a one-time replacement or refund. And we can replace your damaged toy with a more durable one! Please just visit our website at: 



- West Paw -

Best purchase EVER!

March 10, 2017

This was the first toy that my Scottie Fergus picked out four months ago at Mud Bay. We call him puppy and although the squeaker no longer works, his little black nose is missing, and the West Paw design tag is long gone, he has held up very well against Fergus’ sharp puppy teeth. With all of the chewing he endures, I haven’t been able to locate any holes in his body. Puppy has also gone through the washing machine several times and has done marvelously. Puppy is Fergus’ woobie and he gets terribly upset when his is missing (or in the before mentioned washing machine) that I had to buy a secondary puppy. I am so impressed with West Paw Design as a company and the durability of not only Puppy but couple of other stuffed toys that we bought later, that I just purchased some of their other products. WPD, you ROCK!

- kameragal -
Seattle, WA

PERFECT for smaller dogs

November 16, 2016

We picked this puppy out when we brought home our 8 week old miniature dachshund a year and a half ago. The toy initially started out in her crate where she would find it in the middle of the night and squeak it in the dark - always good for a chuckle. Eventually she started pulling the puppy out of the crate and carrying it around with her so we purchased another one so we were able to keep one in the crate and she would have the other to play with. We currently have four of these in circulation with another in a drawer in case, heaven forbid, something happens to one of the others! One of our puppies has been morphed into a "frankenball" where the dogs head is stuck through a honeycomb ball and we use it as a throw toy - this gets just as much love as the original toy. They hold up remarkably well, but we don't have monster chewers, either. CANNOT go wrong with this toy if you have smaller dogs.

- Poppy's Fave -
Pacific Northwest