Merry Bone and Mini Merry Bone

Extra Small
Red Chocolate
Extra Small$6.95$6.95

5" wide 
Tiny Bone

Extra Small

Your dog won't believe how super soft and snuggly these holiday fabric dog bones are. Great fun for dogs who like to thrash, pounce or snuggle toys, these handcrafted, American made dog bones will liven any dog’s holiday spirit. Available in Red Chocolate. Available in three sizes. Machine washable and dryer safe.

Merry Tiny Bone measures 5”, Mini Merry Bone measures 6”, and Merry Bone measures 7”. Handcrafted in the USA. 

This seasonal dog toy is only available while supplies last.


Handcrafted in the USA

Each dog toy is handcrafted by an experienced toymaker in Bozeman, Montana.

It’s a wash.

Our dog toys go through a lot with their canine companions, but with a quick trip through the washer, they’re ready for another round. 

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Customer Reviews

Tiny Merry Bone

January 10, 2017

I purchased this Tiny Merry Bone in red and it was a absolute hit! My dog loved it! It has held quite well for a dog who is a chewer and can sometimes be toy aggressive! The only down side was that I felt the size was a bit too large for a 17 pound dog as its not the typical mini size.

- Chrissy -
Chicago, IL

Red Merry Bone

December 25, 2016

My chocolate lab loves these stuffed bones. She sleeps with them and has not attempted to rip the squeaker out. Please don't ever get rid of this product! It's durable, fun, and well worth its price!

- Kris -
Upper peninsula of MI

merry bones, etc.

December 21, 2014

West Paw has become our place to go for all our dog's needs- from beds to toys! We decided to order the Merry Bones for our extended family holiday gathering for all the critters everyone has and they were a hit! Our own dog carries hers aroudn the house and squeaka-squeakas with much delight. She is an avid chewer and is pretty rough on things and these seem to hold up pretty well! Thanks

- kaylen -

Merry Bones

January 03, 2014

Ordered a Merry Bone and Gingerbread man for the dogs for Christmas. They've been playing with them since Christmas morning. We have two 75lb dogs who love their toys and can be quite rough on them. We have purchased West Paw toys in the past at a specialist pet store and when I couldn't find them this year I emailed the head office requesting AMERICAN made toys and explained I couldn't find them in their stores this year. FYI, our dog's toys from West Paw from two years ago are still going strong, in tact and squeeking! Thank you for selling direct to consumers, making it much easier for us. Plus, I ordered late and still got it before Christmas. Thank you!

Eco bones

December 27, 2012

My Schnauzer got sooooo many toys for Xmas & Loves the bone .I have bought other toys from West Paws & give some to our friends dogs & they all love them ..
My Schnauzer is very hard on his toys & I have to fix some of them ,but he doesn't mind if they are fixed when I give them back to him ...

- Marlene Higley -

Didn't last 5 minutes!

November 16, 2011

First off, let me say that I LOVE West Paw Design! You are my number one choice for dog toys. Non toxic, safe toys that won't harm my dog is extremely important to me. As is being made in the USA. About a week ago I ordered about $120 worth of West Paw Design toys. The Eco Merry Bone was the first of the toys I gave my dog. (we only introduce one toy at a time and rotate toys often, as he seems to get very bored with toys otherwise). Within 3 minutes the squeaker no longer worked. Within 5 minutes he had the whole bone torn open, half the stuffing out and was chomping on the no longer working plastic squeaker. What a huge disappointment! We now have a $10 disemboweled toy that he has zero interest in :(.
Today I pulled out the new Ruff-N-Tuff Reindeer, thinking for sure this would be the toy that would hold up to his need to squeak and frolic with his toy. Sadly, this too only lasted minutes. While he has not torn into reindeer, the squeaker stopped working within just a couple of minutes. I'm really disappointed
Note - if it matters, I did order the toys from Amazon.

- Anonymous -
Newport, RI