Strolls™ Collar with Hemp


L 13.25" - 19.75" x W .75"


L 18" - 27.5" x W 1"


 Dog's Best Friend

For Everyday Wear Dog’s other best friend: Hemp. It’s strong, long lasting and holds its shape, yet offers superior feel and ease of wear. The combo of natural hemp and lightweight adjustable buckle and loops make for a comfy, secure fit with no puckering or bunching. A perfect everyday collar with every safety detail carefully considered. 

  • Ultra-light and durable, quick release buckle goes on and off easily, and adjusts precisely
  • Durable, quick connect loop for tough pullers in the ideal spot for easy leash connection
  • Incredibly strong and naturally odor resistant hemp is hypo-allergenic, anti-microbial and super soft
  • ID loop for tags so tags don’t get in the way of leash

As Dog’s Best Friend, West Paw guarantees the performance and quality of every product we design and manufacture (that’s all of them). This new collection is designed to be safe and durable because it’s made by US in Bozeman, MT, USA. We want you to love our products. If you don’t, we’ll make it right.

Thoughtful Connectors

We chose closures, connectors and hardware that are lightweight yet secure, with well-planned placement to make dog life easier: The Strolls Collar features the Quick Release Buckle. All collars include a quick connect loop for tough pullers and an ID loop for tags.

One Tough Softie.

#DogsBestFriend is one of life’s strongest bonds with the softest touch—like hemp.


The foundation of all our leashes is hemp. We chose this miracle fiber for its strength, durability, suppleness and proven through centuries of use. More recently, strong-as-steel hemp is being used in door panels at Mercedes Benz, and hemp fiber insulation, called Hempcrete, outperforms fiberglass insulation in new construction projects.

The earth loves it because it grows on half the water that wheat does (farmers love it because it yields four times the income). We love it because it resists bacteria and odors, holds up in style for ages, and is always non-toxic and safe.

West Paw guarantees the performance of every product we design and manufacture here in Bozeman, Montana (that's all of them).

We want you to love West Paw's products. If you don’t, we’ll make it right.

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