Champion Chewers

Dog's Best Friend means working hard to play it safe. Dogs don’t know what it means to be Made in the USA, to be durably designed—But you do. Dogs have different chew and play styles so it’s important to choose the right toy, especially if you have a Tough Chewer. All of West Paw toys have been tested for toughness by our chew squad. Choose the right toy

Rumpus® Chew Toy

Built for tough chewers

Hurley® Dog Bone

Built for tough chewers

Jive Dog Ball

Built for tough chewers

Tux® Treat Toy

Built for tough chewers and works with all kinds of treats


Award-winning puzzle toy designed for the Toughest Chewers


Treat your pup with delicious and healthy snacks that pair perfectly in our tough puzzle toys

A Holiday Gift Guide For All The Dogs.

To the pups who scramble to the door, hog the bed snuggling, and save us from mail delivery. We’ve got something for you, fur-buddies.