This is one bird your cat is allowed to play with! Stuffed with 100% premium organic catnip and an irresistible metal bell safely sewn inside, Dazzle will keep your kitty entertained for hours! Made from our soft corduroy fabric accented with an enticing feather tail, Dazzle will make your feline purrrrr!

Measures 8”. Made in Montana, USA.

Proudly Made in the USA

All of our cat toys are made in the USA, right in Montana.  We're proud to make fun cat toys that are safely handcrafted with the top quality materials.

Crave-worthy catnip.

Our fresh, USDA-certified catnip is grown in the United States, free from synthetic herbicides, pesticides, and fertilizers. 100% pure—no fillers.

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Customer Reviews

Kitty's Favorite Toy

August 12, 2016

"Dazzle" the parrot is our cat's absolute favorite toy. She could smell the feathers through the packaging. She made a game of working on the feathers. As the feathers finally were chewed through (because they are real), one by one she hid each feather in a special hiding place. She then continued to play with Dazzle. When she really likes us, she will drop Dazzle near us as a 'gift.' But most of the time she keeps him hidden too, and we see her playing with Dazzle, as if enjoying a real treat. Dazzle has held up very well.

A family member got kitty a second Dazzle as a gift because the first one had no feathers any more. Kitty did the same to him, making a game out of chewing his feathers off. Poor Dazzle! But the cloth part of Dazzle is in perfect shape. As buyers we really love that these are made in the USA. We do not have to worry about anything. All the things we have bought here have held up beautifully. If I could quibble, please sew the tags on because I hate to use scissors to cut the plastic tag so near the cloth. Other than that, the materials used are great, the quality and workmanship is great, the toys are cute. It is all how it appears on the website. The toy did not use 'stinky feathers' doused with pesticides (to kill bird mites) as I've read some other toy makers use. I have allergies and nothing ordered from West Paw bothers me.

- Fan -

My cats love the dazzle! Cute

December 06, 2015

My cats love the dazzle! Cute you with nice material and colors, as well as feathers that look real, which my cats go crazy for.

- Anonymous

A Toy That Lives Up to Its Name

May 26, 2013

I'm on my second one of this toy. It truly does dazzle my cat. She finds the feather and bell irresistible. And the made-in-America quality is worth the price.

- SMIN -
Reston, VA