Heyday Bed for Cats

Plush Midnight
Plush Boulder
Plush Oatmeal

Measures 26" x 19"


Heyday Bed® is a durable and versatile cat bed. In addition to the full micro suede cover, we also offer a plush-top option too. Super soft and comfy, yet durable, stain resistant and easy to clean. In addition to being durable, this cat bed also comes in a stylish color palette to complement any home décor. Perfect for catnaps at home or on the go, this soft cat bed cozies up cat carriers and is travel friendly. Claws (and paws) don't even begin to scratch the surface of how tough this bed is. Made in the USA.

Rest Easy

You and your pet can rest easy knowing that this pet product was Certified Safe by Oeko-Tex, the same third-party certifier that deems baby carriers and children's clothes ecologically safe.

Only Clean Luxury For This Cat!

Our cat beds may feature luxurious, silky-soft fabrics (like Organic Cotton and Hemp) but they don’t need special care—they’re all easily refreshed with a single wash and dry. 

Guaranteed Great!

Our cat beds are purrrfect for catnaps.  If you (or your cat) aren't totally satisfied, we’ll make it right - Guaranteed

Super Stain Resistant Bed for Pets

Heyday beds were made to resist all those messes your pet creates... of course, in our testing, it wasn't always the pet that created the mess!  With a quick wipe or toss in the wash, the Heyday cat bed comes out looking like new!

Handcrafted in the U.S.A.

Each cat bed is sewn by hand, with care and craftsmanship, at our headquarters in Bozeman, Montana.

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Customer Reviews

Heyday Dog Beds

November 09, 2014

I really wanted to rate this bed a 5, there are so many great things about it... the quality of the fabric, the use of recycled products, the extensive testing for toxins, the bolster is fabulous, MADE IN THE USA, wonderful staff!!!
However, this is where it fell drastically short... the bed center offers very little cushioning. I stood in the bed with one foot, the other on the floor, I couldn't tell the difference.
The company was more than willing to take the bed back, but there weren't any other choices that offered exactly what I was looking for.
I ended up buying Eco friendly yoga mats, which I folded and put under the beds.
After this modification, the beds are great,(I bought a large & Small), and we have two very happy furry friends!!!

I also bought a large and small blanket. I would rate them a 5+++. The dogs LOVE their new "blankies"

- BAPC -
Cape Cod