Montana Nap®

Extra Large
Extra Small$19.50$39.00

Measures 20" x 15"

Extra Small

Measures 24" x 18"


Measures 29" x 20"


Measures 35" x 22"

Extra Large$54.50$109.00

Measures 42" x 27"

Extra Large

 Dog's Best Friend

West Paw's Montana Nap® is a soft but sturdy dog mat that can withstand chewers yet light-weight so it travels easily. Our stylish dog mat fits comfortably in crates and in the back seats of cars to help keep upholstery clean. Perfect for people who love to travel with pets to the office or into the outdoors. 

Dog Owners Will Love:
  • One piece design makes it easy to clean
  • Filled with eco-friendly IntelliLoft® fiber and fill derived from recycled plastic
  • Handcrafted in Bozeman, Montana
  • Made only from American-made textiles 
  • Love It Guarantee®
Available in five sizes to accommodate most breed sizes. Choose the right size dog bed with our sizing chart. Montana Naps come in stylish, home-decor friendly colors and patterns. Made in the USA.

Comfortable Anywhere. All Dogs Included.

Around the house, in the car, at the hotel, in the kennel - our dog flat mats are available in 5 sizes to fit your dog and wherever they choose to lay.

Guaranteed Great!

Our dog beds are so comfy your pooch will be happily sleeping through everything (so much for thinking you had a guard dog).  If you (or your dog) aren't totally satisfied, we’ll make it right - Guaranteed

Transparency in sourcing.

Montana Nap™ is made from only US sourced materials. The IntelliLoft® fiber and fill are made from recycled plastic bottles which have been certified safe by a third-party certifier.

Keeping Plastic Out of Landfills.

Our dog beds get their resilient, long-lasting loft from an unexpected source—plastic bottles recycled into our exclusive IntelliLoft® stuffing. 

Easy Clean!

Our Montana Nap is easy to clean, just toss the whole mat into the washing machine and dryer. Done.

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Customer Reviews

Montana Nap

January 31, 2020

We picked up our Berger Picard when he was 8 weeks old and stopped in Utah and bought him one of these pads. For 11 years he loved it, slept on and/or with it, chewed it some and carried it around. We never traveled or camped without it. Thanks for all of that and I still can't part with it.

- Ana -

nap mat

December 09, 2019

We have two size large for our coonhounds. the mats are soft and cushoined, wash well and have held up very well. we have had them for 2 years and we have dogs that nest. we toss them anywhere they need to be and the dogs know to go to them wherever we place them. great! love them.

- Heather Workman -

Sheds Everywhere

May 10, 2019

I bought this mat at a boutique pet shop. Because I wanted a high quality mat that would last a long time. But this mat sheds everywhere. have tried washing it per the instructions on the tag however it has not helped. I am constantly having to vacuum up after this mat. I have no idea how to make this mat stop shedding.

- Sydney Lange -
Denver Colorado

Sheds Everywhere

May 14, 2019

Hi Sydney, thank you for your feedback on this.  We have been able to track down the recent issue and have addressed it in moving forward.  For customers who are experiencing a similar situation with a Montana nap, please contact us and we are happy to honor our replacement or refund guarantee.

Thanks, Susanna

- West Paw -


March 18, 2019

We have had two mats for a number of years and love then. We decided to splurge on another on for our new pup this weekend. We’ve had it less than than 48 hours and the fabric is shedding like crazy. There are fluff balls of fabric and when I rub my hand to get the fluff off more comes off. I am extremely disappointed and embarrassed. We’ve told our friends how great the product is and now there is a lack of quality. Plus I paid much more than I would for any other dog mat because we trusted the company and appreciate the fact that it is made of recycled plastics.

- Vicki -


April 23, 2019

Hello Vicki,

We're sorry the mat hasn't met your expectations.  Sometimes putting the mat through the wash a few times can help with the shedding when it is new.  In any case, we would be happy to send a replacement or refund to honor our Love It Guarantee.  You can access it at this link: 


- West Paw -

Love it

March 03, 2019

This is My second mat, so I must love it. First one I was a smaller puppy, so it is now my travel crate mat. Only problem is that I want to chew the tag. It is sewn in, so my parents can’t cut it off. They flip it over so I can’t see it, but I found it one day and swallowed it. Otherwise I love it, but now my big one has a hole in it. It will be fine when I am older.

- Wyyah -

Love it

April 23, 2019

Hi Wyyah,

We're glad you love it!  Thank you for your helpful feedback regarding the tag.  We want you to have a completely intact mat without a hole.  Your humans can find our Love It guarantee by going to this link:  where they can request a new one for you!


- West Paw -

Mutt and Mommy Approved!

January 31, 2019

While our dog's favorite places to lie are still on the bed and on the couch, he did take to the Montana Nap immediately. Which is more than I can say about the cooling mat we once bought him: he's never laid on that. He'll lie on the Montana Nap quite happily. I'm looking forward to rolling it up and taking it with us on camping trips this summer. I like that it's made in the USA with discarded plastic bottles, and that the tag had the maker's first name on it.

- Sally M -
Olean, NY

My cat loves it

December 28, 2018

Thank you! Just got the oatmeal colored from local pet store yesterday. My old ailing cat loves it! It cheered the cat up somehow. The cat is attached to it now.

- Harry -
Boston, MA