Big Sky Blanket®

Storm Blue
Coffee Bean

Measures 27" x 21"
Great for covering a chair seat.


Measures 56" x 38"
Great for covering the couch seat


Measures 73" x 56"
Great for covering the human bed


Dog's Best Friend

- Faux suede on one side, silky soft fabric on the other
- Machine washable and dryer safe (gets softer after each wash)
- Durable and home decor friendly
- Available in three sizes to protect against messy situations

Our Big Sky Blanket® is the perfect throw to protect couches, chair or car interiors from dander and dirt. Made with smooth faux suede on one side and a silky soft fabric on the other. Keep your home looking stylish and eliminate unwanted pet fur from furniture by using this luxurious new blanket wherever your pet chooses to lay its head. Machine washable and dryable.

Protect and Cover

Whether your furry friend likes to lay on a chair or on the bed, our Big Sky Blankets come in sizes to cover all those favorite spots and keep the pet hair on it and off the furniture. 

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Customer Reviews

Truly the best.

December 05, 2016

We bought one of these last year for our pup, and use it for everything. We got another couch and we were happy to buy another to cover it. A great product, and our dog loves it! Will probably buy again!

- Maxwell -

Big Sky Blanket

October 31, 2016

Actually....I've not seen the blankets yet....but I've heard that they are really nice. So I'm picking up a puppy from the breeder in a few weeks and had the blankets sent to him so the entire litter could romp and play on them and scent them up really well. That way when Millie comes home she'll have a scented remembrance of all her siblings. So thanks in advance...from all the comments I'm sure it will be a great dog/puppy blanket!

- Rusty -

Big Sky blanket

June 12, 2016

This is an awesome dog blanket. Beautiful and well made. The dog (and cat) love it!

- Julie S -
Tumwater, WA

Big sky blanket

March 20, 2016

Loved the blanket, top quality, washes well and very soft, my doggies love it

- Kit

Best blanket ever

March 20, 2016

Second puppy. Second blanket. These are the best!!! They wash like a dream. They're cozy and tough. Our dogs have loved them and we're going to order a couple more for different parts of the house. They are worth every penny!

- Debi -
Bloomington, MN

Almost perfect but please make XL size!!

November 23, 2015

We have all 3 sizes in the blue and storm colors. The storm color is a light gray. It looks almost white in the photo but is gray (though light). They wash beautifully (cold/delicate/low dry). Very soft. They are by far the most effective and best looking furniture covers I've come across. They don't slide around much.

For my needs there is one drawback to these blankets. They just aren't big enough for many uses. Although they fit perfectly on a chair of couch seat as show in the illustration I prefer blankets that drape over the sides, arms, and back of furniture. If you have dogs with a double coat (like a husky, samoyed, shepherd) their fur sticks to the arms, lower edges, and backs of furnitures. The Big Sky blanket covers only the seat. Therefore I find the Large size the best to drape over chairs and sofas for coverage of both the back, seat, and front edge. I use the Small size to drape over the arms of of the sofa since the Large only fits the inner dimensions of my sofa.

If you want a blanket that provides full coverage for the top of the bed, not that the Large size only fits the dimensions of a full-size bed. does not cover the dimensions of a queen or king size bed. Our dogs sleep with us and don't stay put on their part of the bed, so partial coverage of our king bed is just not an option with our Husky/Samoyed mix getting dog fur over the rest of the bed.

An XL size about 75" x 90" or so would provide coverage for larger couches and queen and king size beds. Please consider making one!!

- Susanonymous -
Aurora, Illinois

Big Sky Blanket for Cats

November 06, 2015

I love this product; however, I give them to other "cat" people as gifts so it would be nice if the product tag had a picture on a cat on it. It seems like it use to? Why do cats always get the short end of the stick? There is so much focus on dogs. Cats are people too!!

- Pamela Tomlinson -
Washington DC

This Blanket Really Holds Up!

August 22, 2015

We have eight of these in all sizes and three colors (coffee bean/dark brown, smoke/gray & storm blue). We foster for an all-breed rescue and with the many dogs who have used them, they hold up to use and repeated washings/dryings at the highest temperatures. Ours are washed at the Sanitary setting and dried on high every other week. They look as good as the day they arrived with the majority of the fur releasing in the dryer. (If you air dry, you WILL have fur on your blankets after washing - not as much but some.) I can't say enough about these blankets and they protect my furniture so much better than a sheet or bath towel. We keep the dog beds draped in blankets as well so the beds don't have to be washed as frequently. They are not cheap, but they will last a very long time. You will get your money's worth.

- Frances -
Chicago, IL

Big sky blanket

June 03, 2015

Great product to protect our sofas and bed covers - yes, our dogs have the privilege to sleep on furniture! They love laying down on these blankets.

- Anonymous -

Big Sky Blanket

May 31, 2015

Great blanket, should have gotten one sooner. My dog loves it and so do I. It is so soft, and is protecting the quilt in the bed!

- Megann E -
Northern Virginia