What is reclaimed cotton?

Posted May 19, 2009

Reclaimed cotton fibers are derived from pre-consumer textile table cuttings. The cotton remnants are cleaned and separated by color into raw fibers that are then blended with a small amount of new acrylic fibers and spun into cozy yarn. We use reclaimed cotton in our Reknitz dog sweaters to prevent extra scraps of cotton from becoming waste or being incinerated.

West Paw Design is able to offer a top quality product without having to use any additional water, fertilizers, insecticides, or even farmland! The fibers are not re-colored, as the careful mixing of colored fibers creates a pet perfect color palette. Reknitz saves Mother Earth from more chemicals and saves water for more important things, like drinking.

FACT: According to idealbite.com, cotton crops account for as much as 25% the world's insecticides. Combined with the large amounts of water cotton growers need to use every year, that's a lot of reducing!


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