Large Dog Beds to Small Dog Beds: Choosing the Perfect Size Bed for Your Dog

Posted March 06, 2006

Buyer's Guide: Comfort for Chihuahuas, Great Danes, and every dog in between!

You search and search for the right dog bed, and want to be sure that your pup is as comfortable as they can be. There are so many shapes and sizes available that it’s no wonder the process is a tiring one! But don’t worry; this buyer's guide is designed to help you narrow it down to the perfect choice for your canine companion.

A smaller dog sitting on a crate mat dog bed





German shepherd in a round, bolster dog bed called a Bumper Bed
Choose a Mat   Choose a Pillow Bed


The first decision that you, as the dog owner, need to make is whether your dog’s lifestyle warrants a flat mat or a pillow bed (or both). If you travel a lot, find yourself constantly washing your dog’s bed, or need a cushion for a crate or kennel, consider a flat crate mat, such as West Paw Design’s Nature Nap Dog Mat or go green with Eco Naps. Flat dog mats by West Paw Design come in a variety of standard sizes, in your choice of fabrics, and all have padding sewn inside.

On the other hand, if your dog enjoys a little extra cushion, and you have a designated space for his bed, look at a pillow bed. These dog beds take a little more consideration to choose and have an extra step in their maintenance, but they are well worth it for the additional comfort they provide. Check out our Tuckered Out, Bumper Bed, or an Organic Bumper Bed. For any of these beds, you’ll want to consider how large your dog will grow, if he is not already full-grown. Also think about whether multiple dogs will end up using the same bed.

Does your dog curl up in a ball in their dog bed?





Or does your dog stretch out when they sleep in their dog bed?
Curl up?   Stretch Out?


Finally, observe your dog’s sleeping habits before you choose your dog’s bed. Do they like to curl up in a ball or sprawl out? Do they always tuck themselves in a corner, or do they lay down in the middle of the room? Do they look for the most comfortable cushion they can find, or does your dog flop down anywhere, including the hardwood floor? If your dog likes to stretch out, you may want to consider buying one size larger bed than what is suggested in the "size guide" (which is located on each dog bed page on the tab below the product description).

West Paw Design offers beds for any personality sleeper, from quality mats to lofty and luxurious pillow beds. For miniature toy breeds, small dogs, and puppies, our smallest beds measure approximately 15”x20” and are available in styles across our mat and pillow bed offerings. For large dogs, multiple dogs, or dogs that just love having room to spread out, look at our Extra Large (XL) size in both mats and pillow beds. Whatever your size dog, we’ve got you covered!


Staff Suggestions:

If your dog is between 10 lbs. and 50 lbs., you should be able to choose from any style of dog bed and find a great fit that will match your dog's sleeping habits.  However, for those tiny dogs and huge dogs that often have trouble finding the right size bed, try our staff's suggestions below:

Small dog beds:

For those tiny small dogs, we suggest getting the XS Bumper Bed (or the Organic Bumper Bed):

choose the xxs dog bed size for small dogs under 10 pounds

 Bumper Bed and Organic Bumper Bed are great for super small dogs

Extra Large dog beds:

For those big dogs, we suggest trying the XL Tuckered Out dog bed:

Good luck and have fun picking out your dog bed!

Tuckered Out dog bed is perfect for extra large dogs

 Tuckered Out dog bed is great for extra large dogs


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