Learn more about how West Paw is Eco Friendly and green

Posted May 25, 2009

How is West Paw Eco Friendly?!?

Find out here - what makes West Paw environmentally friendly and how is West Paw continuing to grow green!

Want to learn more about what makes West Paw eco friendly? Well, you are at the right place!

At West Paw, we believe in making a commitment to the environment!

Here's how:

Spencer Williams - President and owner of West Paw Design

Minimize Waste: Not only have we developed a manufacturing process that minimizes waste (currently as low as 2.4%!) we also took it into consideration when designing our state-of-the-art building. It was constructed using the latest developments in energy efficient design in 2001. In our building expansion in 2009 and 2010, the original back walls of the building were moved and reused in the new structure, reclaiming 175 tons of concrete. 

Re-use and recycle materials throughout our manufacturing process: Scrap materials are used to create new pet toys; Reclaimed and reused boxes are utilized to store finished goods rather than plastic manufacturing totes (many reused boxes at our facility were previously used to ship bananas)! We also incorporate recycled material in our shipping boxes.

West Paw Design uses eco-friendly components in our products, such as:

Eco Nap
 100% recycled IntelliLoft fibers are used in all stuffed beds You can stuff the Tux toy with treats for your dogs to get - 100% recyclable  Reknitz dog sweater - made from reclaimed cotton  USDA certified organic Catnip - US grown, no stems or fillers! 

IntelliLoft®: We utilize recycled IntelliLoft fibers that are derived from recycled plastic bottles in all of our cat and dog beds and many of our pet toys. To date, we've kept 8.2 million plastic bottles out of landfills. Learn More about IntelliLoft®.

Hemp: One of nature's strongest fibers, hemp is easy on the planet as it does not require chemicals, pesticides, irrigation or harvesting machines.

Organic Cotton: Making organic cotton an option in our pet Bumper Bed® line gives our customers the option to choose a "greener" pet bed.

Reclaimed Cotton: Offering dog sweaters made from reclaimed cotton utilizes a resource that already exists, which reduces waste, adds no new chemicals, and saves water. Learn more about reclaimed cotton.

Organic Catnip: Found in almost all of our cat toys, our US grown catnip has premium mixture of leaves and flowers provide a fragrant aroma and is USDA Certified Organic! Learn more about Catnip.

Zogoflex®: Is super durable and 100% recyclable. Dog toys made of this material will last a lifetime, and if it doesn't, you get your choice of your money back or free replacement (one-time) and the dog toy gets recycled! Learn more about Zogoflex® Don't forget about our near-zero-waste Black Zogoflex Collection, too!

Hurley dog toy - recyclable toy... with recyclable packaging! Recycled green tags help customers purchase eco friendly products consciously Zisc- super durable frisbee with 100% recycled paper packaging

Packaging: Even our packaging is made from recycled content that is recyclable! All items have a minimum of 30% recycled content, but most tags and packaging are 100% post-consumer recycled paper stock. Recycled PETE (1) plastic is used in the packaging on our Jive®, Hurley®, Tux®, Tizzi® and Būmi® toys - which means that not only is the toy recyclable, but so is the packaging! All of our office paper, packaging, envelopes, letterhead, etc. also contains at least 30%, but even most of these items are 100% recycled content too.

Going Green is not a new fad, it is who we are and how we live! From incorporating technology to help our office go paperless, to recycling magazines, paper, plastic, and aluminum cans in our breakroom. We strive to make a minimal impact every day and continue to look for more ways to grow even more green! It shows that we like our environment and want to keep our Earth a clean planet for all!

Green America Approved                     
learn more about our safety certification

West Paw Design is approved by: Green America, Conscious Consumer Marketplace, and has been mentioned and endorsed by many other organizations. West Paw Design even offers pet toys and pet beds that are not only eco-friendly, but 3rd party certified safe by Öko-Tex Standard 100. Customers can buy with confidence, knowing that our products are made in the USA, eco-friendly, and safe for everyone they love in their home! Öko-Tex is an ecological certifier that rigorously test every part of the toys and beds for over 100 potentially harmful substances. This is the same ecological certifier used by popular children't clothing and baby carrier manufacturers. From the fabric, thread, cushion, and zipper of a bed to the the squeakers and bells in the toys - it is all SAFE!

Join the Loop - West Paw Design's closed loop recycling program... let your toys live forever

Join the Loop® recycling program: West Paw Design offers a closed loop recycling program, so qualified products can be recycled indefinitely! Customers simply send back these recyclable products, and West Paw Design covers the recycling cost! Learn more about this eco-forward program.

We are always striving to minimize our waste and discover new ways to improve our eco-conscious company. We thank you, for supporting our eco-friendly initiatives.

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