Goodbye Huck, Hello Jive!

Posted January 13, 2012


The rumors are true... the very popular Huck dog toy has been discontinued.  We always get a little nostalgic when we "retire" an old friend, but the time has come to say goodbye.  Don't worry, we know dogs will get in the groove with Jive® - our newest and most durable dog ball yet.  

Jive is made from the same super durable Zogoflex material, but is designed to be even stronger than Huck.  Jive not only comes in a Small and Large size (like Huck), and a NEW "Mini" size for those super small dogs.  

So if you have an old Huck, you may want to hold on to this unique toy since we won't be making any more of them (and we already sold out of most sizes and colors)... or you can still send it back to us for recycling!

Goodbye Old Huck


Hello New Jive!

Goodbye old Huck dog ball   Hello NEW dog ball Jive


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