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Posted July 28, 2009

"Who made it?"

Remember when Mom came to pick you up from school and you got to show her the wall with all the colored sheets of paper?  You were so delighted to point out your work!  You took the time to stay within the lines and you put your heart into making the shading perfect. You proudly announced, “I made this one!”  Well, all these years later we still take that same pride in our work.



Making an Eco Nap - perfect!


To us it’s simple - hardwork, attention to details and passion to do good matter.  West Paw Design's hard-working and devoted employees take pride in manufacturing high-quality, safe and environmentally responsible pet products.  We know we're unique and we love it. Located in beautiful Bozeman, Montana we strive to create the best pet products while also protecting Mother Earth.


Zisc - durable frisbee dog toy
 Jive - durable dog toy ball You can stuff the Tux toy with treats for your dogs to get - 100% recyclable  Hurley -tough dog fetch and chew toy  Bumi - active dog tug toy
Tizzi - fun dog toy
Zisc® Jive® Tux® Hurley® Būmi® Tizzi®

Beyond the intensive craftsmanship, we also use superior materials, without having to sacrifice our Earth friendly commitments. For example, the Zogoflex® material used to make their Hurley®, Tux®, Jive®, Zisc®  Tizzi® and Būmi® toys is 100% recyclable.  Don’t think for a second that just because these toys are recyclable that they're less durable.  In fact, these toys are so tough we guarantee it against dog damage!  And don't forget, all Zogoflex® dog toys are gentle on a dog's mouth, come in easy-to-spot colors and float!



Reknitz dog sweaters - made from reclaimed cotton in the USA

 Bumper Bed - round bolster dog bed Salsa - furry monster dog toy
Reknitz Bumper Bed® Salsa


We're passionate about pets.  So whether you give your favorite furry friend an eco-friendly dog sweater, a pet bed, or even a fun plush dog toy from West Paw Design, you’ll notice the quality of our work in everything we make. The joy and happiness your pet gets will definitely let you know you made a good choice!


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